Owner type
Cereals and Tuber Milled
Processing Machine
Fortified Flour
Energy source

Download data

Processing Machine

Fortified Flour

Cereals and Tuber Milled

*Each machine can have multiple grain types


In the second tab there are filters and infographics. When one zooms in on the map, the inforgraphics are changed accordingly. One can also change the filters from the select menus, the legends or by clicking the infographics themselves. To reset the filters, there is a button at the bottom for resetting. This includes also the zoom level of the map.

Downloading data

At the bottom of the 'filters and infographics' -pages there is also a download button which can be set to download all the data, or the filtered data. Filtering here includes also the extent to which the map is zoomed, or which infographics have been used to filter the data.

How to add new data

  1. Install ODK; Go to play store on your android phone download and install OpenDataKit (ODK) application
  2. Open ODK, click configure with QR code then scan the code bellow
  3. odk qr code
  4. Set your identity; Open ODK > setting > user > device identity > form metadata then type your username, phone number and email address
  5. Open Your ODK application and you will find 5 options
    1. Fill blank form
    2. Edit saved form
    3. Send Finalized form
    4. View sent form
    5. Delete saved form
  6. In “Fill blank form” , you will find two forms; for Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, select the form based on your location.
  7. Open form and you will find all the information you need to proceed with mapping
  8. Before start mapping, make sure you turn on location on your phone
  9. After adding all the attributes, use the “Send finalized form” option, select all the forms and send them
  10. After ~10 minutes, the new point will appear in the web map

Machine details